"Above the clouds"

"Above the Clouds"

Where I am free,
The rays of light & love
Shining down upon me….

Let the rays lift my spirit
Let the winds soothe my soul,
Soon the darkness flees

Making me feel whole….

A sacred blessing, for all to hear
May peace, love & joy be with us all,
Forever and Ever…. year after year"

"Cast of Shadows"

"Use your Mind"

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"The Night"

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We'll sit together in the dark,
Beside the meadows cool and damp,
And watch the fireflies by the spark
That glimmers from each tiny lamp.

What happy, happy lives they pass!
What hours amid the tasselled corn!
What pleasures in the dewy grass,
That vanish with the light of morn!

They haunt this fragrant summer air,
While every thing around us seems
To rest beneath the wings of prayer,
And breathe the atmosphere of dreams.

Come forth! peace falls upon my breast,
Like dews descending to the sod;
As if the arms of Nature pressed
Me closer to the heart of God.

"Above the Clouds" - First Version
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This is one of my first photo manipulation and typography.  Made during Ice age. lol